Best Camping Air Mattress- Buying Guide

Best Camping Air Mattress Guide

A recent study by dons from Duke University showed that the quality of sleep largely depends on the kind of mattress you are using. So, after reading their research findings, I started thinking “Which is the best bed to use for quality healthy sleep?” That’s why I decided to do a review on the best camping air mattress.

As a camping enthusiast, I found out that what I needed was the best inflatable beds! So, read on as I tell you more about them.


If you’ve been yearning for quality sleep, then it’s time you bought an inflatable bed. Air beds are quite comfortable, and they come with convenient features that make them appropriate for use at home and also in campgrounds.


Whenever you decide to buy an air bed, you are likely going to have difficulties settling on the one that you need the most. With so many manufacturers in the world, it can be hard to know who actually provides the best.



Here is a buying guide so that when you want an inflatable bed, you know what to look for once you are in the market.

Best Camping Air Mattress Buying Guide


There are different types and designs of airbeds. To get value for your money, you need to consider a few factors.


Thickness of the air mattress


When buying an inflatable bed, you have to think about the thickness of the material that has been used to make it as well as that which it has once it has been filled up with air. If the mattress is thick, it will take more time inflate.




The material used to make the air bed affects its durability and comfort. Most air mattresses are made from vinyl. Others possess a macro suede finish along their tops to make them more comfortable.


Other factors that you should consider are the air mattresses’ inflation method and its chambers; the best inflatable beds have many chambers. Some are filled more than others.


After careful thought, you can decide which air mattress fits your tastes. The following are some of the best camping air matresses.



Best Camping Air Mattress


1. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump, Bed Height 22″, Queen

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed combines luxury and comfort to give you the quality sleep you’ve always wanted. This air bed is made of the new Dura- Beam technology. It has been raised 56cm (22″)  from the floor making it more convenient for use.


It’s portable and allows you to travel with it since you can fold compactly.  It comes with a duffel bag that has a shoulder strap so you don’t have to worry about how you will carry it.


These inflatable beds have built-in electric pumps for rapid inflation (in four minutes). So that you can sleep comfortably, they are covered in soft plush flocking. If you buy it, you will definitely have a great time in bed.



2. Intex Queen Ultra Plush Fiber-Tech Airbed Air Mattress Bed with Built-In Pump


The Intex Queen Ultra Plush Raised Airbed with Fiber Technology, and Built-in Pump is a durable airbed that is specifically designed to ensure that you are comfortable and with fewer distractions when you sleep.


With its built-in electric pump, this quality airbed inflates in 3.5 short minutes. It comes with a duffel bag that makes it easier for you to store and travel with it.


It also makes use Dura-Beam technology. If you have been having trouble sleeping, this queen size mattress can entirely change your situation; allowing you to enjoy your nights eventually.




3.  Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed with Built-in Pillow and Electric Pump, Twin

This is a safe and luxurious airbed that allows you to be comfortable at home or any other place that you choose to be. If you are the kind that loves rolling in bed and have severally found yourself on the floor in the morning; this one is for you. It has a bulged outer frame that ensures that you don’t roll off the bed at night.


The perimeter construction enhances its stability. It is also double sized.  Think about all the memorable moments that you can have once you have the Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed with Built-in Pillow and Electric Pump.




4. Bestway Raised Air Bed with Built-In Pump, Queen

The Bestway Raised Airbed is a spacious hassle-free bed comes with built-in pillows for the maximum neck and head support. It inflates in four minutes and has a 220-240V integrated electric pump.


This airbed has a smooth texture and snug surface that ensures you are always comfortable in your sleep.


Are you afraid to roll off your bed at night? This air mattress has a ribbed design that automatically eliminates the possibility of falling off the airbed at night.


It can also be gift-wrapped if that’s how you want it. Again, it is possible for you to travel with it since it comes with a bag to carry it. For me, it’s one of the best camping air mattress!





5. Bestway Comfort Quest QUEEN Premium+ Air Bed

The Bestway Comfort Quest Queen is a comfortable sleep surface that you can use at home, for unexpected guests as well as during camping trips.


It features an electric sidewinder pump and quickly inflates for your convenience.


This air bed is durable, and you can use it for years. It is one of the best camping air mattress in the market, and it will ultimately improve the quality of your sleep. However, it takes some time to deflate which can cause delays especially when you are traveling and in a hurry.





Don’t Go Before Adding the Best Camping Air Mattress to Your Cart!



Air mattresses come with different features and in various categories. Some are more expensive and better than others. Even though, this list consists of those that are incredibly comfortable, so; when buying one, ensure that you get the best bed available on the market.


When adding the best camping mattress to your cart, consider its quality, and durability.


Choose a material that is soft and comfortable. You do not need a bed that you dread sleeping on. Moreover, buy one with the right thickness. Thick air mattresses take longer to be inflated, but; they last longer. Make that decision, now!

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