Best Camping Tents Under $100

Best Camping Tents Under $100

Choosing the right camping tent for your needs can be a little time-consuming and challenging for both beginners, and experienced campers. There are different seasons, and this means you will need a particular set of tents. You see, the tent a camper would choose during the summer will be different from the one he/she would opt for during the fall. Anyway, we have prepared a list of the top best camping tents under $100.


Again, this post seeks to discuss the features of the best tents you can purchase for less than $100. Such information is worthy for your next camping expedition. You will not only acquire more value for your money but also get the right tent to meet your camping needs.

Tents Under $100

Coleman Hooligan Camping Tent

Coleman Hooligan is well-known brand among camping enthusiasts as it has been in the market for several years. They have a reputation for making excellent, functional and affordable camping tents. It is the ideal tent for many travelers, campers, and backpackers for many reasons. For instance, its prices seldom increase, and the company keeps updating the product to improve the quality.




The Coleman Hooligan tent has a polyester body and a lot of mesh incorporated into its design to help you have enough control of both humidity and ventilation. When it comes to size, the tent provides sufficient space for two. Occupants can comfortably use the tent without creeping into each other’s personal space. Even when the camping gear is placed inside it, this tent is still able to accommodate two people.


For convenience, the tent has a unique two-entry design that allows you not to step on your partner. I’m sure this feature will be necessary when you to move around at night. The Coleman Hooligan tent has a bathtub floor on it to prevent the entry of water into the tent.


The all-seasons capability makes this tent a must-buy for campers and individuals who love outdoor activities. This makes it an all-weather tent- it can be used during the summer, spring, and autumn. Order the Coleman Hooligan Camping Tent now, and you find for yourself why it is part of our list of the best camping tents under $100!


2 The ALPS Mountaineering Meramac Tent 2

The ALPS Mountaineering Meramac is a two-person tent designed by ALPS. The tent is an excellent example of tents that campers need to consider! If your budget is restrictive, then you should consider having this affordable tent!


Again, its weight is significantly low when compared to equivalent nylon tents of the same cost.


This fact alone makes the ALPS mountaineering Meramac an excellent example of the tent that lightweight hikers and backpackers should purchase. The tents price is terrific, and the design is functional and straightforward.




The first thing you will notice after buying this tent is the conventional three-pole design that campers find easy to set up. The tents overall weight (8 pounds) is convenient enough for a majority of people, especially; those looking for large but lightweight tents.


Some of the most significant features of this tent are the availability of two entry doors alongside a single-zip operation. The two shock-corded fiberglass pole used in its design provides the tent with the lightweight design. Oh, and it has a waterproof fly, too!


Given the tent’s considerable lightweight design, people who are out to do less walking, and more camping should take it! The tent is pocket-friendly and provides sufficient space for gear storage and accommodation of at least two individuals. No doubt, the ALPS Mountaineering Meramac deserves some space in your cart!

3 Makino Outdoor Family Camping Tent

The Tent will cost a few more bucks than the two already discussed tents which are attributed to its additional premium features. Nonetheless, it is still one of the best camping tents under $100! Anyway, just see the highlights below for yourself!


Makino has been in the tent-making business for years now. They have created a reputed empire for themselves, earning a spot in the top-notch tent manufacturing industries. The family tent has an ultralight design that will make you love this particular brand. It never comes as a surprise that most individual who opt for the two-person tent always end up purchasing the versions that can accommodate a maximum of 4 people.




Makino Outdoor Family Camping Tent has a gear loft. This unique feature provides exceptional functionality to the tent as campers can use it to store gear, gadgets and even lights in it.


Another great feature of the tent is its press-fit connector system incorporated into the new designs of the tents poles. The system makes the tent easy to set-up hence making it practically foolproof.


The tent comes with double layers and a single canopy. This makes it efficient for outdoor activities despite the season. Using a dual canopy allows for use as a sunshade when camping at the beach. It also provides warmth during the cold weather.


It should be noted that the tent is waterproof and comes with a warranty. Check out its price here, and I believe it’s worth adding to your cart!

4 WEANAS Camping Tent

WEANAS is a renowned brand in the camping and backpacking world. The brand itself has an excellent decades-long reputation. The WEANAS tent- designed for two people- has a fold-down and compact design. Thus, it is convenient for efficient portability.




The tent’s weight averages around 5 pounds for the two-person design. If you are worried about the weight, you ought to remember that it’s uniformly distributed to 2.5 pounds per person. Thus, WEANAS Camping Tent is an ultralight camping tent option, if you carry it the light way!


WEANAS new tent design is color-coded. It comes with additional instructions to make it easy to set up even for armature campers. Other than this, the tent comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Thus, the manufacturer guarantees a refund or exchange in the case a glitch.


The tent is waterproof and has a good ventilation cycle. Again, it’s an all-weather camp. Honestly, I don’t see any reason why you should not try adding the number 4 item on our list of the best camping tents under $100!

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