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Best hiking watch under 100 For Your Money

There are a lot of things that you need to carry whenever you go hiking, and a watch is one of them.  It is essential since you need to manage your time properly; and as planned. It also allows you to make important decisions.  Hiking watches come with various prices. It depends on the features that they have and sometimes, the brand that they bear. Some of them are designed for men while others are designed for women.  In this review, we will describe seven fantastic hiking watches that you can purchase. We will also give you several tips that you can use when you want to find the best hiking watch under 100.

Best hiking watch under 100 review:

  1. Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch

The Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch tops our list of the best hiking watch under 100. It is affordable and great for tech enthusiasts.  You can purchase it for use during your hiking adventures.

This watch is waterproof; up to 330ft. You can still have it on whenever you want to swim during your hike, even though; it is not advisable that you go diving with it.

This watch is specifically designed to withstand even the worst outdoor tortures. Its shock resistance allows it to be incredibly long-lasting hence you can use it for years.

The Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch has a top plate that makes use of durable stainless steel.  With it, you never have to worry about rust.

This watch is designed to make your hiking experiences better. Therefore, it comes with a stopwatch, vibration alarm, hydration alerts and a countdown timer. There is also an Indiglo night-light that you can use at night.




  • It is resistant to water damage
  • You can use the vibration alarm to wake yourself up
  • The watch is designed to last
  • This quality watch is affordable


  • The watch is not ideal for diving


  1. Casio Men’s Triple Sensor Digital Watch

Quality and elegance best define this hiking watch. It is one of the best outdoor watches under 100 that we have because it has everything that a hiker will need. It makes use of a battery that can last up to three years.

The watch is water resistant; up to 330 feet. This makes water damage the last thing you need to worry about when you are using it.

The Casio Men’s Triple Sensor Digital Watch comes with a LED backlight, with afterglow. It comes in handy when you need lighting in the dark.

With five daily alarms and a single snooze alarm, this watch allows you to manage your time perfectly. You can set the time that you want to do a particular hiking activity and depend on this quality watch to remind you.

The watch has 31 time zones. Therefore, you can use it to hike in more than 48 cities, and there is also a coordinated universal time.

Other features that this hiking watch has include a digital compass for direction. There is also an auto calendar so that you will always know what day it is regardless of how long your hike is. It has a barometer, altimeter, and thermometer.




  • It cannot be damaged by water
  • It has a backlight to use at night
  • You can use the alarms to set the time for each hiking activity you want to engage in
  • The digital compass prevents you from getting lost


  • Engraving this Casio watch can void its manufacturer’s warranty


  1. Survival Bracelet Watch

This hiking watch is ideal for both men and women.  It is waterproof and designed explicitly for various outdoor activities that include camping, hiking, and fishing. It comes with a unique design and several emergency tools that come in handy when you are outdoors.

The Survival Bracelet Watch comes with six tools that make your life a lot easier as you hike. With the fire starter, you can make fires to cook or warm yourself whenever you want to. The compass helps to show you direction while the whistle enables you to call for help when there is no cell service.

The 3.6M paracord is necessary when you want to build temporary shelters out there in the wild. You can also use it to fish whenever you come across a stream that has fish.  The watch also comes with a thermometer for measuring the temperature.




  • It is waterproof and thus indestructible by water
  • The compass prevents you from getting lost during your hike
  • The fire starter enables you to make fires to cook meals
  • You can use the whistle to signal your friends in case you get lost


  • It makes use of Grade Nylon Paracord hence it cannot be adjusted


  1. [LAD WEATHER] German Sensor Outdoor Sport Watches

This is a multi-function outdoor watch that is suitable for hikers.  It is available in seven distinct colors hence you have the opportunity of choosing the color that you prefer.

The hiking watch comes with a digital compass. It enables you to know the direction where you are heading to. This way, you will always know when you are on the wrong paths.

With a fully functional thermometer, the watch allows you to predict the weather easily. This makes it convenient for you as a hiker since you will know how you prepare yourself.  It also has an altimeter and barometer.

There is also an Electro Luminescence Backlight that provides light at night. If you are still on the move at night, it allows you to see where you are going. This prevents you from tripping and falling.

Other extra features that the German Sensor Outdoor watch has include a timer, a calendar, and two daily alarms.




  • The watch is designed for outdoor activities like hiking
  • You can use the daily alarm to wake up early and continue hiking
  • With it, it is easy to predict the weather in your location
  • Availability in different colors gives you a variety to choose from
  • The calendar helps you to keep track of days as you hike


  • It only has two daily alarms (some people will prefer more per day)


  1. La Crosse Technology XG-55 Digital Altimeter/Compass

Are you looking for a quality watch that you can use for many hiking adventures? You should give this digital hiking watch a chance.  It is accompanied by an instructional DVD that guides you on how to use it.

The watch’s case is resistant to water; up to 30 feet.  If it accidentally falls into water, you have the chance to pull it out before it is damaged.

This hiking watch comes with electric sensors that measure direction, altitude, temperature as well as temperature. This allows you to prepare yourself for various weather conditions as you continue with your hike.

It only weighs 9.6 ounces hence it is pretty light. You will not feel its weight even when you have it on.

If you haven’t made up your mind on the best hiking watch under 100, try this La Crosse Technology.




  • It is not prone to water damage
  • It has a compass for direction
  • With it, you can predict the weather as you hike
  • It is lightweight and perfect for hiking


  • Some users have complained about the fact that the compass will not work unless it is manually reset


  1. G-Shock Men’s Tough Solar Black Resin Sport Watch

If you are searching for the best solar powered watch for hiking, you can give the G-Shock Men’s Tough Solar Black Resin Sports Watch a chance. It is affordable, and its battery can last up to 9 months when it’s fully charged, and without more exposure to light.

This watch is incredibly durable. This is because it is shock resistant and water resistant (up to 200M).  It can survive some of the worst outdoor environments.

It also comes with a full auto EL backlight that you can use when it’s dark. It makes doing some tasks like cooking and walking at night more comfortable.

The solar battery is rechargeable, with all types of light, and there is also a power indicator that shows you the remaining power. Hence, you know the best time to recharge it.

Other features include four daily alarms as well as a snooze alarm. It has 31 time zones hence you can use it to hike various regions.  With the hourly time signal, you will always know every time an hour passes by.




  • Its solar powered battery can last for an incredibly long time
  • It is shock and water-resistance hence extremely long lasting
  • The backlight makes navigation at night easy
  • It gives you a signal after every hour thus you can better manage your time


  • Its tough solar power can only hold if the watch is not exposed to more light


  1. Mens Digital Sports Watch

Lastly, the Mens Digital Sport watch conclude our list for the best hiking watch under 100. This is a multi-functional watch that is suitable for all sports activities including hiking. It is effortless to use and read. Its case is thickened to protect all the internal parts.   It comes with a square concave symmetry design that not only makes it stylish but also unique.

This digital watch is waterproof; up to 50M. This should automatically eliminate water damage from your list of worries. You can always wear it when you are swimming, taking a shower or when it’s raining. It is also shock-resistant.

It is durable and designed for comfort. Its stainless steel back case is built to last, and the soft PU band ensures that you are at ease once you wear it.

It has a LED screen as well as a night light hence it is convenient for use at night. Other features include an hourly signal, an auto-calendar, and alarms.




  • The watch is extremely comfortable to wear
  • It is not prone to shock or water damage
  • It has a classic design
  • It is suitable for all hikers since it is easy to read


  • Steam or continual hot water contact can damage it
  • Pressing any buttons while the watch is in water can destroy it


Best hiking watch under 100 buying guide:

With millions of hiking watch manufacturers, it is very hard to know which one you should choose. Considering the following factors before purchasing the best hiking watch under 100 can be helpful.


As you look for the perfect hiking watch under 100, ensure that it has a great display. It should be clear and easy to read so that you don’t have a hard time telling the time.


You should also carefully consider the cost of the hiking watch you are planning to buy. What features does it have and are they worth its price? It would be a waste of money if you bought one of low quality in spite of paying much money for it.

GPS navigation

Most hiking watches need to have accurate as well as fast GPS. This enables you to always tell where you are and the landmarks that are near you. It prevents you from getting lost when you are out there in the wilderness.


How durable is the hiking watch that you are just about to purchase? Ensure that the case is strong and water resistant. Hence, you will not worry about water damage every time you wear it. It should also be shock resistant and built to endure the harsh outdoor environment.

Battery life

The battery life of one hiking watch differs from that of another. Therefore, it is best to choose a watch whose battery life is long so that you can use it for a long time. Others have solar rechargeable batteries which are convenient since you are in the wild.

Using the above tips will make ensure that you get the best hiking watch under 100 in your shopping cart.

Summarizing the best hiking watch under 100 review

Hiking can be unbelievably enjoyable, but only if you carry the necessary gear. One thing that you ought to remember is the best hiking watch under 100.  It allows you to do several crucial things as you engage in various hiking adventures. You can use it to tell time as well as your current location. You can set the alarm to alert you when it’s morning. With the compass, you can always tell whether you are heading in the right direction or not. Ensure that the watch you buy is durable so that it serves you for as long as possible. It should have a vivid display for easy reading.  With reliable GPS navigation, getting lost is nearly impossible.

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