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Best Water Bottle- Keeping Hydrated During Hiking

Best Water Bottle

Underestimating the importance of hydration is the biggest mistake that most hikers make. You need to take a lot of water when hiking. Your survival depends on it.  Without enough water in your body, you are more likely to fall sick. Before embarking on your journey, make plans on how you will get the water, purify and safely carry it using the best water bottle.

Hiking water purification methods

Backpacking water purification is something that you should never ignore. Water treatment is essential for drinking water. Water purification protects you against the contraction of dangerous diseases like giardiasis.  If you fall sick while hiking, it can lead to your death. This is especially if you don’t get the necessary medical attention in good time.

Here are some efficient backpacking water purification methods.

Boil the water

Boiling drinking water is one of the most efficient ways of water purification. It kills any microscopic pathogens that might be present in the water. You might not be able to boil all the water (at once) that you are carrying with you during the hike. Therefore, you may have to carry some fuel to help you boil it later.

Boiled water, however, tastes flat. If you don’t like it that way, you can add some glucose to jazz it up. Flavored electrolytes might also do; you will also enjoy skeletal muscle benefits.

Chemical water treatment

You can also purify your water through chemical treatment. This is where you make use of chemicals to kill germs that might be present in the water. Water treatment chemicals include sodium and potassium chlorides.

You should be careful when using chemicals to treat water. Read and understand the instructions before using them. Some water treatment chemicals also have adverse side effects.

Water filters

Again, you can use water filters to purify your water while hiking. The filter removes impurities present in the water by creating a barrier. Filters remove the unwanted substances through processes like adsorption, sieving and ion exchanges.

After you have purified your water, you need to find secure means to carry your water all through the hike.


How to choose the best water bottle for your hike

Carrying all the necessary hiking equipment can be tiresome. No matter how heavy the gear is, do not forget to bring enough water with you. Dehydration during hiking can cause serious health complications and even death.

Here are some ways that you can use to carry water during your hike.

Water bladders

You can use water bladders to carry water when backpacking. They are stable and tend to be very light. They come in different sizes. You have to buy the most appropriate one, depending on the amount of water you intend to carry.

However, water bladders can easily be punctured. It is also strenuous to fill them since you have to unpack and repack them.

Water bottles

You can also carry water in water bottles to ensure that you are hydrated during the hike. They are very popular. They are easy to find and refill. They are not easily destructible; hence you can use them for long. However, you need to make sure that you have the best water bottle for your needs.

Disposable bottles

Instead of throwing away bottled water or sports drinks’ bottles, you can use them to carry water. They are free, lightweight and durable. They can also be reused hence you don’t have to buy drinks all the time to obtain them. You can store them anywhere in your backpack; you only have to ensure that they are well sealed.

Importance of hydration during hiking

When you have enough water to drink during your hike, it is undoubtedly going to be successful. Hydration during hiking is important because of the following reasons.

It improves your overall physical performance

You are bound to use a lot of water, and energy during hiking. Staying hydrated allows you to perform better and improves your endurance. It also reduces fatigue. This consequently boosts your moods and motivates you as you hike.

Boosts brainpower

Being hydrated during hiking also boosts your cognitive performance. It improves your focus, and you can better concentrate on the hike. You are likely to follow the right paths, and your hike will be an ultimate success.

Prevents headaches

If you let yourself get dehydrated while hiking, you are killing yourself. Water deprivation can cause headaches and migraines especially when you are tired. You might not even be able to continue with your hike due to lack of adequate focus.

To prevent heat strokes

Proper hydration during hiking also prevents heat strokes and exhaustion which can be fatal. The last thing you want is to faint or die in the middle of a hike due to lack of adequate water.

Yes, Hydration Is CRITICAL During Hiking!

To sum up, hydration during hiking is essential. It improves your focus and motivates you all through the hike. It also prevents you from having unnecessary headaches and heat strokes. Ensure that the water you carry is enough and treated. The piece sums up the tips you can use to choose the best water bottle. Contaminated water can cause diseases that, if not treated early enough, are fatal.

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