How To Cover Folding Chairs Inexpensively
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How To Cover Folding Chairs Inexpensively

Do you have a foldable chair and you are not sure of the inexpensive ways you can use to cover your chair? You are not alone. Most people with these kind of chairs don’t have any idea of how to cover them in an inexpensive way. Foldable chairs are suitable when used for parties, weddings, baby showers, church gathering and of course for camping expeditions on a well maintained lawn. They are the best investment anyone can make, especially those who plan to start an event organization business. However, the main questions get to how to cover folding chairs inexpensively.

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Dressing up foldable chair should not be an expensive thing to do. There are covers of different sizes, shapes and even texture in the market. To make use the most inexpensive way to cover your chairs there are things that you need to keep into consideration. In this article, we are going to focus on how to cover folding chairs inexpensively. However, there are other things you need to know about folding chair covers. They are:

Why are folding chair covers gaining popularity?

Why are folding chair covers gaining popularity

Folding chair covers are gaining popularity in recent time because of a variety of reasons. One thing that makes them more popular if the fact these covers offer the perfect solution for covering your dull looking and old chairs. Other reasons why folding chair covers are gaining popularity include:

  • Adding excitement and fun to your chairs
  • They are inexpensive and very cost effective
  • The folding chairs covers are easy to make. A little sewing experience and materials are all you need to make the covers
  • Add color, style and also give your folding chairs a trendy look
  • These covers are best suited for any occasion like wedding, parties, elegant banquets and other events.
  • These covers are easy to wash. When it comes to washing, folding chair covers are easy to wash.

These covers are best for different types of occasions, and they can be used to add color and décor in your home. You don’t need to worry about using folding chair covers.

Types of folding chair covers

Types of folding chair coversThere are a variety of covers that can fit your different needs. Here are some of the covers you might want to consider.

Folding chair bag

A folding chair bag is one cover that most people prefer using.  These covers come in many options. You can find waterproof options and other options. Most of the options can be purchased using a few bucks. Storing and washing them is much easier. Their bags can also hold one chair or even up to four chairs in a row.

Folding chair stack cover

The stack covers of folding chairs are made using polyester and other materials. You can also find other made using waterproof materials. These covers are versatile for folding chairs. They fit comfortably, and they are an ideal solution for your outdoor and indoor parties. When using these cover, especially the waterproof one, you don’t need to worry about kids messing around since they are easy to wash and they rarely have stains.


Rice bag folding chair cover

The rice folding chair cover is an ideal solution for those who don’t want to spend much like an economically minded company. The rice bag folding chair covers are practical, and lightweight covers used to protect any frills and fuss from your folding chairs.

Standards folding chair stack bag

A conventional folding chair stack covers are considered the most expensive cover available. The covers are the best selling covers on the market. These covers protect your chairs from dust and dirt. They come in different sizes and fits. You can also find them in different materials, and you don’t need to worry about the colors you need. Although they are considered the most expensive cover, they only go for a few bucks.

How To Cover Folding Chairs Inexpensively

Make your own covers

Our first tip on how to cover folding chairs inexpensively would be making your own covers. This most inexpensive way to cover your folding chair. To start you need to purchase the fabric and have the measurements of your chairs before sewing them. The materials are available in almost all fabric stores in your area. Cut the material to the pattern of your chair. However, before you start, there are things you need to take into consideration. You need to start with:

Outlining the folding chair on a sheet of paper using a pencil should be your first step. Draw all the sections including the arms, backrest and seat areas.  Consider using another piece of sheet to draw the chair sections.

  • Use the sheet and measurement to cut your fabric, but only when you are sure the parts you’ve drawn fits properly.
  • Finally, cut and sew your material before dressing your chair and make sure the covers fit accurately.
  • How to wash your folding chair cover

You don’t need any experience or an expensive machine when washing your covers. Since these covers are made using a different material, depending on your preferences, you might decide to use a washing machine or not. You can wash using your favorite laundry detergent.

Are printed folding chair covers used?



Are printed folding chair covers used- folding chairs cover

The design and type of your folding chair covers vary differently for each person. There are people who love using printed or floral covers, and other prefer using plain colors. Depending on your taste, preference and the event, you can decide the best color and prints for your covers.  There are several designs and choices you can choose from. They come with a different combination of color and design. For the printed ones, they come in a variety of prints to choose from.


These covers are available in the market. They are simple to store, durable and transport. Having a foldable chair is something that you should be proud. With a variety of folding chair cover available, you don’t have to worry about what to use. The main reason for using the covers is the fact that they are inexpensive. You can either make them for yourself or buy some for a few bucks. If you are looking for ways to keep your chairs away from dust and dirt, it’s better to consider using a folding chair cover. They are an inexpensive way to refresh and cover your chairs. Hope the above tips on how to cover folding chairs inexpensively will help you when planning for your next camping trip.

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