How to Fix Heel Slippage in Boots
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How to Fix Heel Slippage in Boots For Better Experience

There is a quote that says, “Good boots can take you good places.” Well Christian Louboutin, a French shoe designer, found a more fun and flavored way to describe shoes. In one quote he states, “A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.” Boots included. That’s why we’re trying to look at how to fix heel slippage in boots.

Boots should be comfortable. Wearing a pair of boots should not cause you any troubles and hassles, but sometimes problems like heel slippage might occur. Heel slippage makes wearing boots a cumbersome process. Walking in a pair of boots that slips off is impossible. Are there methods on how to fix slippage in boots? Let’s first understand what heel slippage is in boots.

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What is heel slippage in boots?

Heel slippage in boots is an experience where your feet slip out of your shoes while talking. The uncomfortable experience can cause your feet to pop out as you walk. It is very embarrassing especially when you are in public.

It’s common for this to happen if you are wearing new footwear for the first time. Brand new shoes tend to be stiff. The outsole does not flex well with your foot. After some time the pair will flex, and your foot movement and the heel slippage will decrease. However, there are times when even after wearing the boots for quite some time, the slipping persists. It can cause more trouble in the future. Instead of keeping them away, this article provides you with handy tips to prevent boots heel slippage as well as how to fix heel slippage in boots.

How to fix heel slippage in boots

Heel slippage in boots is troublesome. To prevent it from happening, these are a few helpful tips that can help you solve the issue in a more permanent way.

Get the right fitting pair of boots

Before you can even fix the heel slippage in boots, make sure you purchase the right size. First and foremost choose a snug size pair. It should not be smaller or larger. A larger size will increase heel slippage instances, and a smaller size will compress you fit, crushing your toes in the process.

Keep in mind the right size is essential if you want to avoid potential abrasions when hiking or trekking. The boot should perfectly fit to ensure comfort and reduce the chances of heel slippage.

Tighten your shoelaces.

Tightening the laces on your boots gives you control over your shoes. Also known as lace locking, tightening your lace make sure they stick around the heel reducing the chance of heel slippage. The methods involve:

Using the hiking boot methods: hikers and trekkers. You can also use it with other types of footwear. The use of this method, you need to:

  • Put the laces through the holes on your boot until the last one.
  • Pull the laces and cross them
  • Cross the laces again and twisting them around each other and make sure to tighten one more time.

The rabbit home method

The rabbit hole method is a bit simpler, but very efficient. If you boot has an extra hole, this is the best way to lace these kinds if boots.

  • First, put the lace through all the holes
  • Pull both ends of the laces when you reach the top ones on both sides, and tighten the lace.
  • Take both ends of the lace, put them through the extra hole, tighten and tie a bow.
  • Securing both ends will ensure your boots stay in place, which will, in turn, reduce heel slippage.

Try lace anchors

Lace anchors are not great, but if your laces fall all the time, they come in handy. The anchors are a great way of keeping your boot laces fastened and your heel locked into place. Although these are not permanent solutions, they can help as you try and find a more permanent solution.

Use tongue pads

Tongue pads are available everywhere in stores and online. Although a more stable solution, they can cause your boots to stick and peel. The tongue pads force your feet the stay in place. But that’s not the only benefits. Tongue pads help your feet from shifting. They are also very affordable and elevates the comfort level of your boots.

Wear non-slip socks

Wearing the usual socks does make it much easier if you are dealing in heel slippage in boots. Though they might help at the beginning, non-slip socks offer a better option. The rugged side comfortably sticks to the boot lining, reducing the change of slipping.  A good pair of non-slip socks can make your feet slip free in your boots.

When you combine non-slip socks with a tongue pad, your feet will be intact for the rest of your journey.

Insert non-slip lining

Just like the non-slip sock, non-slip lining other reduces the chances of heel slipping. They improve the comfort level of your boots and keep your heel from slipping.

Try home remedies

While there is an additional cost when using the above methods, home remedies are cheaper. There are two main ways to prevent heel slippage in your boots using the items found around the house. They include:


Hairspray tends to keep your feet a little sticker which prevents them from moving. The solution is not permanent, but if you have no time to get to the store or additional cash to spend, why not try the Hairspray.

Double-sided tape

Placing a double-sided tape inside your boots is an effective way to stop heel slippage. The tape will keep your feet locked in place. Also, it is the most affordable option when compared to the rest.


Help slippage in boots can make turn your hiking into a nightmare. Moreover, slippage can cause you to lose balance and get injured. Knowing how to fix heel slippage in boots is the only way to stay safe when wearing your boots. Don’t let it ruin your experience. Reduce the risk with these quite affordable options. Use the above tips on how to fix heel slippage in boots to enjoy your hiking expedition.

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If you are looking for the best hiking boots for wide feet, check our previous review below.

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