How To Hang a Hammock Without Trees
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How To Hang a Hammock Without Trees

Traditionally, we all used to hang hammocks between trees, but did you know you don’t need trees to enjoy an exciting afternoon at the beach or when you are out camping or backpacking? It might not be something most people have heard of but all you need in two strong points where you can tie your hammock straps and your hammock. The firm points offer the same functions the trees. With that said, are you looking at how to hang a hammock without trees? Let’s look at six options for hammock camping without trees.

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How to hang a hammock without trees

Posts in concrete

The first option when it comes to how to hang a hammock without trees has to be posts in concrete. Posts are almost everywhere. They can be fence posts or a set of posts you have set up for the sole purpose of hanging your hammock. These strong stands act as great places to hang hammocks without the need of trees. But before you hang, ensure the post you choose are strong enough and big enough to support your weight.

For example, when choosing the fence posts, make sure they are set up in concrete. Concrete makes the fence post stable to hold your weight after you install the hammock. Also, determine the height of the posts to make sure your equipment will be above the ground after hanging it. When installing the post with concrete, follow all the instructions from the manufacturer. Mix the right ratio of materials to make sure they are strong enough.

Portable Stands

One of the most common ways of hanging a hammock without using a tree is using portable stands. You can use the portable stands everywhere, including on the beach, at your backyard and also in backpacking trails with no trees in sight. Portable stands come in different shapes, types, height, and even weight. They range from ultra-light portable stands to those that you can use only in your backyard.

A good thing about these stands is that they are designed using different materials. Manufacturer use metal, wood or any other material strong enough to hold your hammock. You can set it up whenever you want. Having one is an adventurous way to enjoy a relaxing evening or a night out camping.

What to consider when selecting portable hammock stands

It is advisable to know what you need. For backpackers, they need an ultra-light, but compact one, usually because backpackers have to endure walking and hiking for long distances. An ultra-light stand serves them right. Another thing to consider is how you will assemble the hammock. Make sure it is safe, can hold your weight and easy to assemble. The question of how to hang a hammock without trees should not be an issue anymore.

Trucks or cars

The car or truck option is one of the best ideas when it comes to hanging your hammock without trees. You can use your SUV, van, truck and any other vehicle to hang your hammock. A solid roof rack is the only way to succeed. It is also essential to whether the roof of your car is stable enough. Find the weight limit of your car roof from the vehicle’s manual. You also need to test the durability of the car before setting up your hammock. Exceeding the weight limit can damage it.

After you confirm the weight limit, durability and security, you need to make sure your car is in a secure place and near a stationary object like a tree. Tie hammock straps cords or ropes around your car roof rack and the other one on the nearby tree. Secure your hammock and process to enjoy a comfortable sleep. You can also use a pole a post or even a rock as a stationary object.

Porch posts

Your front porch can act as an excellent place to hang your hammock. The sturdy posts on your porch provide a built-support as long as the distance between them is at least 18 feet. These sturdy posts support and keep it off the ground.

You can also use your porch post with or a car. Tie your straps on the car and the other one on your porch post. Make sure the distance is safe. When tied in a good way, using porch post is a safe way to hang hammocks without the need of trees.


Posts, poles, trees or cars are not the only way to hang hammocks. You can also use a building to hang your hammock and relax in. For those who love camping, you can now enjoy camping with this hammock camping without trees method. In some camping sites, there are structure and building available. Buildings are also available in state parks and other public areas. These buildings offer you a place to hang your hammock without trees, hence giving you an enhanced level of experience.

All you need for this method is a building and a sturdy post for support. You can also use two buildings and hang it in between the buildings. The buildings serve the same purpose as trees. However, you need to be careful when using this method. Make sure you use strong hooks for your cords. The hooks should strong enough to prevent any accidents.

Hammock structures

Lastly, on our last choice on how to hang a hammock without trees is hammock structures. Hammock structures are vital options for hanging your hammock. The good thing about these hammock structures is that you can share with other people without spreading out too much. The hammock structures are also available in colleges, public place, apartment buildings, and state parks. The people managing these places guarantee your safety if you decide to use the structures. Most of them are strong enough to support your weight.

Hammock camping without trees gives you the freedom to camp anywhere at any time of the day or night. It also gives you a wider range of freedom to choose the best locations and pick a safer place to camp. There are a number of options you need to keep in mind. Whether you are camping, backpacking or just relaxing in your backyard in a hammock, keep them in mind. You hardly need trees to enjoy a great camping experience. Two strong ends is all you need. It can be a car and a stationary object, two posts, porch post or buildings.

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