How to Keep A Tent Cool During the Hotter Months
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How to Keep A Tent Cool During the Hotter Months

Do you love camping but hate staying in a tent because it feels like a furnace?  A hot tent is one thing that people camping during the summer months have to encounter. Staying in a tent that feels so hot is not something you will love. It makes relaxing a challenge and even getting a good night’s sleep a nightmare. That hot tent will keep you awake all night, meaning it won’t be easy to enjoy other outdoor adventure in the following days. Fortunately, you don’t need to stay in that tent anymore. In this article, there are tips available on how to keep a tent cool during the hotter months. Let start!

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How to Keep A Tent Cool During the Hotter Months

Check the tent you are bringing along

Our first tip on how to keep a tent cool is associated with the type of tent you have. The type of tents you bring while determining whether you will enjoy a cool tent or hot one. Before even purchasing your tent, you need to consider the kind of tent you are bringing along. For example, a 2-season camping tent is an ideal tent for hot weathers. Also, the tent material also makes a huge difference. While most people will consider getting a nylon tent thinking it will be cooler, a heavier cotton tent is always cooler than nylon or polyester tents.

Consider getting a tent with enough ventilation

Another thing you need to consider when getting tent is choosing one with mesh windows. The mesh windows allow for fresh air in the tent to cool the tent. Always remember ventilation and windows are the most important thing that will help keep your tent cool. The bigger the ventilation, the better air circulation. If it is not raining, consider keeping the rainfly open so that your tent doesn’t trap ahead and minimize air circulation.

Know when to set up your tent

Know when to set up your tentKnowing, when to set the tent, can help minimize heat. If it’s appropriate, set the tent when the sun is setting. Setting it this time will keep it cooler. Also, consider breaking the tent down early morning when you set out instead of leaving it like that. By breaking it down means the tent won’t heat up during the warmer daylight hours, and it also means it won’t retain the overnight heat.

Seek out the shade

If you have to set up your tent during the day when the sun is up, it’s always better to choose a shady spot. Setting up the tent in a shaded area will keep your tent cool during the day and the night. Another thing you need to consider is pitching a tent in wind direction. Pitching up your tent in the wind’s direction means the wind will blow into your ventilation or mesh windows. After pitching your tent, make sure you open your mesh windows for the fresh air to pass and extract the accumulated heat.

Another thing you should also consider after finding the perfect shade is digging a pit. Pitching your tent partially underground will keep your tent cooler than when you don’t dig a pit to pitch your tent. If you have the tools, then you can successful cool your tent.

Cooling the airCooling the air

There are various ways you can cool the air in your tent. If your tent has enough ventilation and pitch the tent in the wind’s direction under a shade, you can add other things to cool it. Another thing you need to consider is to bring your portable tent air conditioner with you. Most options of a portable air conditioner require electricity, but there are some that use batteries or solar systems. These units are compact and portable which means they are easier to set up and transport.

When choosing a portable air conditioner, consider a unit that is rated 5000BTU. This unit is sufficient for a 150 square feet. The kind of unit you need should match your tent expectations. The reason behind this is because your tent is not insulated, meaning the conditioner will have to work even harder. If possible use the heavy duty extension cord rated at least 15 amps. Other people choose a DIY Cooling system for making the tent cooler.

Use a reflective tarp

Another tip on how to keep a tent cool is using a reflective tarp or as others know it a reflective space blanket. These tarps and blankets help make a sunshade to protect your tent from keeping your tent cool during the day. Tie the tarp to trees amount your tent or place them on your roof tent. When tie them to trees, ensure you leave a space between the layers. The reflective blankets will reflect the sun away from the tent, reducing the heat entering your tent and the heat trapped inside.

Lay a poncho liner beneath

The ground absorbs heat during the summer months. This heat can cause your tent to heat up. Laying a liner beneath the tent will prevent heat from penetrating.

Have a few people sleep in the tent


Have a few people sleep in the tentThe number of people sleeping in your tent will determine the heat in the tent. The more people in the tent, the hotter it will be. To maintain a cooler temperature, let a few people sleep in the tent at any given time. The fewer the people in the tent means sufficient air circulation and escape of heat.

Wear light clothing when sleeping in a tent

Our last tip on how to keep a tent cool is wearing light clothes while sleeping. Dark clothes absorb heat, which causes the tent to heat up. Slightly bright colored clothing and tent will reflect the heat away, enhance air circulation and help keep the tent cool.

We hope the above tips will help you keep your tent cool during the warmest months. There are other ways not included in the least that you can consider. To get a good night sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy your adventurous day, make sure you follow the above tips. If there are other ways to cool your tent, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries about keeping your tent cool successfully.


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