How to Keep Air Mattress from Deflating Overnight
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How to Keep Air Mattress from Deflating Overnight

You probably enjoy sleeping on an air mattress, but the popular phenomenon that most people experience with an air mattress is how it deflates overnight. This phenomenon continues to be a mystery for most people all over the globe. Most of the time you go to sleep on a mattress that is inflated to the full only to wake up in the morning with a deflated unit. Consumers become alarmed when this happens. You wonder if the air mattress is not of good quality, what you did wrong or if it was somehow punctured. After people trying almost all the methods on how to keep air mattress from deflating overnight with little or no success, here are tips you can use to keep your mattress from collapsing overnight.

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How to Keep Air Mattress from Deflating Overnight


How to Keep Air Mattress from Deflating OvernightMake sure your surrounding is clean and checked before laying your mattress

Checking your surrounding is the most basic advice you will ever get. If you own an air mattress, before blowing it up, make sure the area or the surrounding is clean and free from objects. Ignore this, and you will be among the many who ignore and end up facing the consequences. To start with, follow these basic rules:

  • Make sure the room is big enough to accommodate your mattress after it’s blown up.
  • Look for sharp objects that might be lying around. These objects can puncture your mattress if it is placed on them.
  • Check for sharp-edged pieces of furniture like sharp edge tables or cabinets. The Sharpe edges can puncture your mattress. If you get a puncture, you’ll need to know how to repair an air mattress
  • The material used to construct the air mattress. If it’s made of thin gauge materials, you need to be extra careful

Knowing what you need to check for before blowing up your mattress is the best way to avoid deflation. Make sure to avoid blowing your mattress over stones and anything that might puncture it. This is one of the first tips to consider from how to keep air mattress from deflating.

Let your air mattress stretch out

It is natural for an air mattress to stretch after it is fully inflated. It will stretch which will make you with a feeling like it has lost air after you sleep on it. In reality, it is just the expansion of the material and not that fact that it has lost air. It is natural. Other beds will stretch out a lot than others, so depending on your mattress, it can expand more or less.

For the first few nights, the material will naturally stretch. The reason behind this is the facts that the mattress only blew enough to make the bed firmer. If you wake up and find yourself not sunken or sunken slightly, you should not worry because of it naturally. A good thing to do is to inflate the mattress and leave it for a day or two without sleeping or adding any weight on it. This way you will allow the air bed to stretch and avoid any deflation.

Your mattress should be adjusted to the room temperature

An air mattress will always lose a bit of air every time the temperature in your room changes. Turning your heater off or on before you sleep or even opening or closing the window or door will lead to change in the room temperature and eventually affect the air mattress. When the air bed gets colder, it will most certainly lose air.

To help you prevent this, make sure your mattress is adjusted to the room temperature. Since temperature change is a source of air mattress leakage, make sure the temperature is best. If you don’t want to keep your heating system running all night, you should consider getting a portable heater, which you can place near the mattress to keep it warm and avoid deflation. Another trick that might help you is blowing up the mattress hours before your bedtime. This way it will get used to the room temperature of your room.

Don’t ignore the capacity of the mattress

Every air mattress has its maximum weight capacity. The weight capacity is usually available in the manual and other paperwork’s that comes with the air bed. If you are in doubt, the manufacturer will always be happy to help you instead of overloading it. Once you know the capacity, always make sure you stick by them. Don’t overload your mattress to avoid deflation.

While it seems like a simple rule to follow, most people flout this rule only to suffer the consequences. You should know that there is always a reason why their weight capacity is there.

Stop your kid from bouncing on the air mattress

Allowing your kids to bounce on the air mattress might be fun for most people, but turn out to be a costly fun. Kids bouncing will create a bubble and lumps on different areas. The bed will also experience consistent air loss in the process, which is something you want to avoid.

Deflate after use

Our last tip on how to keep air mattress from deflating would be deflating after use. If you are planning a camping trip and an air mattress is what you will use to sleep, then it’s an idea to allow make sure you let the air out after use. Depending on your preferences, you can fully deflate or deflate a little bit after each night. Deflating help relieves pressure on the material and seams. The mattress will experience minimal pressure, which will help it be in tip-top shape when you use it next. Once you want to use it, you can always inflate it again to its maximum.

Final thoughts

Many people panic when they notice their air mattress deflated overnight. You should always remember that the cause of deflation is not only because of the puncture, but also a few things named above like overloading, allowing kids to bounce on it and much more. If there is no any faulty reason why your air mattress loses air, the above tips on how to keep air mattress from deflating will help you keep your air bed inflated overnight. However, if you notice your air mattress keeps deflating even after taking the precautions above, then check for what caused the leakage. Check for a tear or puncture and fix it to avoid deflating.




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