How to Make An Air Mattress More Comfortable
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How to Make An Air Mattress More Comfortable

You might probably wonder the method you can use to make your air mattress more comfortable. An air mattress is meant to improve your quality of sleep and make it better, but it might not achieve its full potential if some basic rules are ignored. Although some people use air mattress daily, these mattresses are generally intended to be used for emergencies like camping and when a guest comes visiting. Most people don’t use it as in the household, although some do. Some people find using an air mattress very uncomfortable. If that is the case with you, here are some tips on how to make an air mattress more comfortable.

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How to Make An Air Mattress More Comfortable:

Inflate your mattress properly

Inflated your mattress properly

An air mattress should always be fully inflated. Most of them come with the recommended pressure. You also need to know that even after inflated your mattress appropriately, the mattress can get softer during the night. The main reasons are temperature fluctuations and the stretching of the material. Also, minor leakages at the pump and valve can cause deflation. Make sure the material stretches out, and your mattress is adjusted to the room temperature before settling in for the night.

Covers and sheet should be evenly spread

Like any bed, you should always make sure your mattress cover and sheet are evenly spread. If they are crumpled or creased, you will feel uncomfortable. They should be spread tightly to prevent any crumple or crease. This will also protect your mattress from temperature fluctuations and keep your mattress comfortable all night long. When wondering how to make an air mattress more comfortable, consider using sheets and covers.

Raise the mattress off the floor

Even better, when you want to enjoy the comfort of your air mattress, make sure it is always raised from the floor. There are different ways to achieve this. Raising your mattress off the floors helps maintain a warmer winter and cooler summers. There are different stands or frames designed for this. You can also decide to build your own at home. Elevating your mattress means you have even temperature during the night and it becomes easier to get in and out of bed.

Place the air mattress on a soft surface

Even when considering the idea of raising your air mattress, you should also consider the fact that you need to use a softer surface. Some people wrap the plywood or box spring with materials that are softer for this purpose. This material helps maintains pressure, prevent dust and also prevent your mattress from sliding up and down.

Set it up properly


How to Make An Air Mattress More ComfortableBefore settling in for the night, make sure your air mattress is set up in an appropriate way. The fact that these mattresses are not real beds doesn’t mean they should not be set up appropriately. Use sheets, a plumped pillows and perhaps a comforter to enhance your comfort. These items add comfort and make your relaxing experience better. It’s more like lying on the real bed.

Use a wall or a headboard

Some people can take the idea of having to sleep on a bed with a headboard. Although an air mattress don’t come with a headboard, you can invest in one or even use the wall instead. Not using a headboard can lead to a sense of insecurity which will make you or your guest even more uncomfortable. If you have to, it’s better to set up your bed near the wall as the wall will act as a headboard. You can also construct an air mattress frame with a headboard.

Use topper

There are many ways of making your air mattress comfortable. Using a topper is one of them. Microfiber, latex and cluster fiber mattress toppers can be placed on top of your mattress to make your air mattress more comfortable. You can place it between the sheets and the mattress to have a more comfortable sleeping surface. If you find an air mattress is too hard or soft for you, a topper will do the trick.

Also, mattress toppers are great for preventing or even fight back pain. Back pain is among some of the problems caused by a sagging mattress or an old worn out mattress. A topper with average thickness will help you be comfortable and avert back pain issues.

Use a proper sheet and pillows.


How to Make An Air Mattress More Comfortable- sleeping sheetWhen we say you need to use sheet and pillows, we don’t mean you can use any sheet and pillows available. For comfort, there are certain bedsheets and pillows you need to use. Take sheets that will help keep you warm and add a blanket. To enhance your experience make sure the bedsheet and as comfortable as possible.

The pillow to need to be soft enough, but at the same time offer you the needed support.  Using a pillow helps align the spine and protect it from potential harm when sleeping. It is the easiest way to prevent neck strains and backaches. However, when using the pillow, you need to be careful how you position it to enhance your night sleet on an air mattress. Though air mattresses are meant to be comfortable with sheets and a pillow, you can increase your comfort by adding them.

Always pack it away in a proper way

Lastly, our last tip on how to make an air mattress more comfortable is packing it properly. How you pack your mattress will determine whether your air mattress will offer you the much-needed comfort. Avoid folding and sticking it in a cupboard. Pack it away using its bag to avoid wear and tear, crumpling and creasing. After use, store it somewhere safe, away from a sharp object of anything that can damage it.

Purchasing an air mattress does not guarantee your comfort. Comfort only comes with the steps you will take when using your air mattress and how you store it. Folding it neatly and allows the material to stretch before settling in are some of the things you need to consider. Also, make sure you raise your mattress and add things like pillows and bedsheets. Spread the bedsheets and pillow evenly to avoid crumpling and creasing. After use, store it somewhere safe, away from a sharp object of anything that can damage it. Hope you will use our tips on how to make an air mattress more comfortable on your next camping.



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