How To Raise an Air Mattress off The Floor
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How To Raise an Air Mattress off The Floor

An air mattress is one thing that most people use when they want to sleep comfortably out camping. It is also one thing that most people have is their home, especially those people who love camping and touring. There are many benefits of having an air mattress with you. The main reason why people love these beds is because they are easy to carry from one place to another. They are also more convenient and sometimes better than using the usual beds. However, before you go for an air mattress, there are many things you should go including how to raise it from off the forms. This article will cover everything, including what you should know about air mattress, and the reasons why you need to raise it and how to raise an air mattress off the floor.

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Introduction to an air mattress

Air mattresses are the best portable bedding to find around. The mattresses are packed and carried everywhere you want to use it and only becomes an air bed after you inflate it. After used, it is deflated, packed and stored for future use. You won’t need special tools to pack. You only need to open the valve, allow air to come out after which you roll it and stash it inside its bag. The bag usually comes with the mattress after purchase.

How to raise an air mattress off the floor:

How to raise an air mattress off the floor tips

There are a variety of ways on how to raise an air mattress off the floor. Some of the most popular ways that people use include:

Use special frames

There are frames made for raising your air mattress off the floor. These frames are made of metal and timber, and they can be folded or left like that. They can be bought from different stores, and their purpose is to only raise your mattress off the floor. Before purchasing the frame, you should make sure it doesn’t have any shape object, and it is capable of preventing a sharp object from poking your mattress. Also, you can seek and find if it will sag too quickly and its weight capacity.

Use plywood

Another way of raising your air mattress of the floor is putting plywood under it. To some a plywood act as the protective gear. The best plywood is one with 0.75 inches. It offers protection against sharp objects. Also, you might consider wrapping the plywood with materials that can protect your mattress. A tarp is the best choice. These kinds will make sure your plywood doesn’t puncture your mattress. Put the plywood on the floor before placing your mattress on it or put it on the bed frame to help protect your mattress.

Box spring

If you can’t find the plywood or you think it’s too difficult for you, another way of raising your air mattress of the floor is through the use of a Box Spring. A Box Spring is the best mechanism. With a box spring, you only need to place it at the top of your bed frame. The same way you need to wrap your plywood is the same way you need to wrap the Box spring. The material will help prevent sharp objects from damaging your mattress and also counter the effect of sagging bed frames.

Reasons for raising your air mattress of the floorSupport your posture

Having seen how to raise an air mattress off the floor, let’s focus on why you need to.

Prolong the life expectancy of the mattress

One benefit of raising your air mattress is to prolong its life. If the method used suits you better and keeps it from puncture and damage, it means your mattress will last for long when compared to other mattresses.  The floor also harbors many things. Things such as sharp objects like pins, needles and other can puncture your mattress. Keeping it raise prevent unnecessary damage.

Support your posture

Having an even place to raise your mattress means your posture will be better. Bad posture is the cause of lower back pain and other back issues. These problems can be averted by placing your mattress on an even surface. The elevation also means that our legs are supported, and your whole body too. When lying down, we use the back muscles which means when not taken good care of, you can cause unnecessary strain.

Added comfort

The reason for raising your air mattress of the floor is to give you the much-added comfort. It always feels better when sleeping on a raised surface that sleeping on the floor, even if you have an air mattress.

Keep your mattress clean

Nothing is annoying as having to clean the air mattress after every night because of all the dirt it accumulates during the night.  You can clean your mattress whenever you want, but that doesn’t mean you need to wash it every time. To start with, raising it will prevent dirt and even possible harmful insects from your mattress. We all know what exposure to dust can do to your health, it can be troublesome to those who as hypersensitive to dust.

Avoid deflation overnight

Although you won’t avoid deflation of your air mattress if you follow these precautions, raising your air mattress will help to some extent. The cold floor can make your mattress deflate since it maybe will not be adjusted to the room temperature. Raising it means your mattress will maintain its temperature and that way you will avoid waking up with a deflated mattress.


Avoid deflation overnightConclusion

There are many different ways on how to raise an air mattress off the floor. Above there are only three ways to raise your air mattress from the floor. However, there are other ways that you should always feel free to use the method you prefer. While you can consider using DIY project to raise your mattress, it is usually advisable to get frames from the stores to keep your mattress off the floor. These frames are specially made for this purpose, meaning they are less risky when it comes to damaging your mattress. Next time you get an air mattress, think about its benefits and how you can raise it off the floor.

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