How to waterproof a backpack for cheap
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How to Waterproof a Backpack For Cheap

Never let rainy weather get the best out of your camping, hiking or backpacking trip. At some point in our lives, we all need adventure. Traveling trips and adventures offer us the opportunity to find our souls and fill them too. Our spirit needs places that can make it more alive. And there is no better place than the nature around us. One need to understand how to waterproof a backpack for cheap.

Although we might love nature and all the adventures that come with it, sometimes the weather can prevent us from doing what you we like most. During instances like this, you need to know how to waterproof a backpack for cheap.

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Reasons you need to waterproof your backpack

When you go for a backpacking trip for weeks or even just days, you will experience less ideal weather conditions. Why risk dealing with soaked or ruined gear because you could not waterproof your backpack? Your backpack carries valuables like your camera, blanket, phone, sleeping bags, cash, and even tickets.

The last thing you want to deal with is moist or drenched gear or damaged camera. Investing in a cheap waterproof way to protect your backpack means the difference between soggy and fresh, dry valuables. Nobody has the time to dry their gear anyway. So it’s always better to make sure they are safe than sorry.

How to waterproof a backpack for cheap

Everybody should learn how to waterproof your backpack for cheap. You might get caught out in rain midway the hiking trail. The weather can change from a sunny warm day and a rainy day instantly. If you haven’t found yourself in this situation, sooner or later you will. If you are looking at how to waterproof a backpack for $2 or less; here are the top six tips you can use.

Use a rain cover

Rain covers are a cheaper option to waterproof your backpack. It acts as a defense for your backpacking when hiking through the rain. Most of these covers go for a less as $7. They are made using a thin material that covers the outside of your backpack. The advantage about these covers is the storage. You can store them in a small space like in one of the sides or the back pocket of your bag for easy access in case it starts raining.

Although these covers are ideal for hiking, they are not for canoeists or kayakers. They are designed to protect your backpack from rainwater and not in fully submerged instances.

Try seam sealers and sprays

Did you know you can use sprays and seam sealers to waterproof your backpack? It is one of the cheapest options. Coating you backpacking a seam sealer and spray is one option that you should do in addition to other option you decide to use. Usually, a bottle is enough. But this depends on the size of your backpack. Spray the entire bags, and use the seam sealer on zippers and seams.

However, you should know that spray and seam sealers are not 100% waterproof. They can’t keep moisture and water out completely. They can keep the content in your bag dry, but not when fully submerged in water.

Plastic containers or bags

If you are looking for the cheapest way to keep your valuables dry inside your backpack, try using plastic containers or bags. For example, a large zip lock bag will protect all your valuable from soaking wet or from moisture. Also, a small plastic counter kept in the backpack is another alternative.

Unfortunately, this method works for smaller items, large items like electronic require a better, different solution. So if you are planning to bring your tablet, laptop or camera to your hiking trip, it is better to rethink how you waterproof your backpack.

Waterproof liners

Some people don’t know that they can use waterproof liners that go inside their backpack. These liners are not like rain covers. They are giant plastic bags that you can use to pack all your traveling compartments before placing them inside your backpack.

The waterproof liner is a great way to waterproof your backpack for cheap. With as less as $5, you can protect your valuables with this ultra-light plastic bags. The trick about the liners is to choose a larger one than your backpack. This way, you can maximi9ze space and have plenty left to roll shut.

Put your valuable in dry bags

Another cheaper option for waterproofing your backpack in putting all your gear in dry bags. These quality dry bags allow you to protect your organize them. If the liner, spray and seam sealer or rain cover fails you, dry bags can offer that extra protection needed. The main advantage about the dry bags in that they are lightweight. You can carry your battery pack, a notepad, lighter, first aid kit and even expensive electronic gear in the dry sacks. Everything you didn’t want to get wet can go in there.

Use the zip lock bags

Lastly on how to waterproof a backpack for cheap, you can use zip lock bags that can be used for almost everything. They come in different sizes and shapes which makes it easier to use. The fact that they work the same way as a dry sack, but for much less make them desirable. Putting your first aid kit in a zip lock bag or your camera accessories can protect these items from getting moist. Books, maps, your phone, and even other gear can go into zip lock bags.

If you are going to go out hiking or backpacking, take the experience to another level by knowing how to waterproof your backpack for cheap. Sometimes being prepared is the only way to enhance your outdoor experience. Keeping yourself dry in one thing, but keeping your precious gear dry is another thing altogether.

Your sleeping bag, food, clothes, electronics, and other items should always be dry. Don’t let the rain and bad weather get in your way of having a fun-filled outdoor experience. The six cheap ways to waterproof your backpack can go a long way to ensuring you have an encounter of your lifetime.

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