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Jetboil flash vs zip – which is the best cooking system?

These two- Jetboil flash vs zip are similar but not the same. For a backpacker, they might serve the same purpose and from the same company but they are not the same. When going for a hike or backpacking, you have to carry a portable cooking system. Usually, the one you choose depends on different factors such as the number of people travelling and the amount of luggage you are prepared to carry. Are you being a minimalist or are you going all the way with all the gear you can carry?

The importance of a stove when you are out on a backpacking trip or a hike cant be underestimated. A stove is one of the cooking appliances you cant leave behind on a camping trip. However, these two cooking stoves are kind of confusing today. They are similar and different at the same time.

They are both compact and handy allowing you to boil water, cook meals and make coffee during a campfire. The two also have features that set them apart.

Choosing the best between the two- Jetboil flash vs zip is a daunting task and that’s why I have made this article to guide you through. Look at the similarities and differences of the two and decide for yourself. After all, the choice boils down to individual preferences.

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 Jetboil flash vs zip Similarities

Lets take a look at the similarities between the two:

  1. Aluminum cooking cup

Both the stoves have aluminum cooking cups which hae plastic made lids and a bottom cover. The cups are made from durable materials and can withstand any outdoor condition.

  1. Compact size

When going camping, the load in the backpack matters a lot. The bulkiness of the load or how much space it requires is also a significant factor. The jetboil flash and the zip are compact in size making it stress free to store them in a backpack.

  1. Stainless steel burner

The durability of the burner on both stoves is increased by the stainless steel material. The burner is rust resistant, doesn’t get corroded ad serves for a long time without problems. The material on the burner is perfect for outdoor use.

  1. Support

Pot support is available in both the cooking stoves. You might go camping and the only ground you have is uneven and the pot cant stand on itself. The pot support comes in handy at this time. It also sits the pot firmly on the ground as it provides a wide base meaning your meal is safe while cooking.

  1. Lightweight

The jetboil flash and the jetboil zip are both lightweight devices making them perfect for backpacking. Lightweight appliances are awesome for backpacking since they make the trip easier and makes room for more items.

 Jetboil Flash vs Zip Differences

The two- Jetboil Flash vs Zip might be the same but there are different parameters that set them apart.

  • Size

Camping stoves are designed in a way that they are accommodated in your backpack without occupying a lot of space. The capacity of the jetboil flash cup is 1 liter as compared to the 0.8 liter of the jetboil zip. The jetboil flash is 7.1 x 4.1 inckes and the zip is 6.6 x 4.1 inches.

The difference in size might not be so bog but its significant if you are camping as a group. The size of the jetboil flash is 20% larger than the zip and this difference cant be ignored.

The jetboil zip is preferable if you are travelling alone but if you are a group, the flash better suits you.

  • Weight

This is an important aspect in your luggage when backpacking. Both the stoves are lightweight and easy to transport but there is a difference between the weight of the two units. The jetboil flash has a weight of 13.2 ounces while the jetboil zip has 12 ounces.

To the normal person, the difference might not be significant but to a backpacker, the difference can mean a lot especially when going for a long trip.

Go for the jetboil zip if you want a lightweight system but remember to carry a matchbox which isn’t needed with the jetboil flash which has an automatic ignition.

  • Stability

This can be a real bother if you have a cooking canister with an uneven base. The size of the base and canister should be uniform to provide the best stability.

Both of these stoves are not stable but they come with a tripod for stability purposes. With the tripod attached, its hard for the canister to fall if blow by the wind.

The jetboil flash is heavier than the zip and this adds to the stability of the cooking system.

  • Other features

Additional features on a backpacking stove are vital to the effectiveness of the same. These are the features that make the cooking experience stress free and enjoyable.

The jetboil flash has an automatic ignition as compared to the zip which doesn’t. this means with the zip, you have to carry a matchbox and woe unto you if it gets wet or damp. The temperature indicator on the jetboil Flash makes the cooking experience simple and stress free. the Jetboil zip doesn’t have these features and its not versatile at all.

Versatile appliances with innovative features are the best for backpacking and hiking.

  • Boiling time

The time it takes to cook is significant in a cooking system. The jetboil flash takes a whooping four minutes to boil 1 liter of water while the jetboil zip takes approximately 2.5 minutes to boil the 0.8 liter of water. The difference in time is due to the difference in the capacity of the canisters.

If you take a closer look at the comparison between these two stoves, the main difference is size, features and price. Features like the push button indicator, auto ignition and heat indicator on the Jetboil Flash sets it apart from the Jetboil Zip.

If you are on a budget or you go backpacking alone, the Jetboil Zip is ideal for you. However if you camp as a group, the Jetboil Flash can handle you better. This guide should help you decide the dilemma of choosing Jetboil flash vs zip for your backpacking trip.

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If you are looking for the Best Wood Burning Backpacking Stove Buying Guide, check our previous review below.

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