Hammock Camping With Dog

10 Most Exciting Tips for Hammock Camping With Dog

Ask a pup parent about what they think of their furry friend, most of them relate well with this line, “A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart” others will agree to Bob Barkey’s quote, “A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life.” It is not surprising that dogs are man’s best friend. Many people will tell you that their dogs are a big part of their lives and for others, they are like a family member. Some would love to go hammock camping with dog, but if this is you, you have a lot of consideration to do before making that call.

We know sometimes you can’t help but bring your pup with you when hammock camping. It is no exception. If you are going to take that up with you on your hammock camping trip, here are several things you need to keep in mind before making the final decision of hammock camping with dog.

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Hammock Camping With Dog

Scout the campsite

Hammock camping with a dog requires more than just packing and leaving. You need to check the camp regulations first. Some camping site doesn’t allow dogs while others have strict laws put in place.  Some camping sites are not dog-friendly. You don’t want to make the journey only to find the site is not dog-friendly. In cases like this, it’s advisable to leave the dog at home.

Be ready to make the effort

Camping trips are good for dogs, but train your dog to understand you. It will make you and your dog ready for hammock camping with your dog. A camping trips offer opportunities to reinforce your dog’s good behavior and advance your training. If you are up for the challenge, be ready and willing enough to learn new commands at home and teach your dog these commands. It might be time-consuming, but it’s worth it.

Practice in the backyard

If you want to be more comfortable out there with your dog, try it in your backyard. Practicing is a great way to teach your pup new commands and to know if it understands your commands. It also offers you an exceptional opportunity to see what sound the pup reacts to and how it reacts. In addition to all, the dog will be accustomed to getting in and out of the hammock and sleeping in one.

Check your dog’s aggression level

Know how your dog will behave in a new environment. Hammock camping with dog is especially challenging. The dog needs to learn some new skill if possible. The change of environment might trigger its aggression level. Once you know this, you will be in a better position to handle it. If you think it will attack other dogs or run away, it is wise if you leave it at home.

Groom your dog

Before setting out, groom the dog. Nicely trim the nails and coat. Sharp and long nails might hurt you when cuddling or damage the hammock. Also, a long, untidy coat can make cuddling unbearable and comfortable. A trimmed, clean coat makes finding fine briar and tics and removes them after you get home from the trip.

Pay attention to the weather outside

Check your local weather channels as well as weather reports. It is brave to know how your dogs do in this weather. If the dog dreads thunderstorms and cold weather, it’s better to call off the trip.

Find a suitable camping ground

For hammock camping, it means your dog will sleep with you in your hammock. You need to make sure the experience will be exciting for both you and your friend. Find a flat surface and a place where you can hang the hammock as low to the ground as possible. Any slopes will make it difficult for your dog. A flat surface will allow your dog to get in and out comfortably.  Also, find a tree that is strong and sturdy one that can hold the additional weight of your dog.

Put a dog’s ID tag on your dog

Make sure you have your dog’s ID tag with you, the dog should always wear that tag all the time. The tag should have your phone number and the dog’s name.

Come prepared

Your pup needs food, poop bags, water bowls, and a first aid kit. All these are necessary. Also, if your dog is not vaccinated, get it to the vet. Vaccination will prevent your dog from waterborne diseases, heartworms, and parasites. Get that vaccine and save yourself a headache after the hammock camping trip.

Bring extra camping gear

You never know when you will need that extra blanket or towel on your hammock camping with a dog. It is a smart move to have that extra camping gear. If the dog gets wet, you will have the extra towel or blanket to thank.

Other accessories you need for your dog include:

  • Dog’s cooling bandana for the warmer weather
  • Dog tent or sleeping bag if your dog doesn’t love sleeping in the hammock
  • Puppy coat if you are camping during the colder weather

Keep your dog close

Keep tabs on the dog during the day and night. There are a variety of ways you can do this. You can:

  • Make sure it’s there with you in the hammock.
  • Have a leash around their neck and around your hand
  • Tie a lead to your hammock Ridgeline or the nearest tree.
  • Attach cool lights to their cooler to spot them at night.

By keeping tabs on your dog, you will save its life or yours whenever necessary. Hammock camping with dog is not only an exciting experience, but it can also be lifesaving. The dog can alert you to a danger you would not have noticed. Its hearing, smelling sense, and good sight, especially at night can be compared to use. In any case, the dog can alert you to an approaching predator, a rattlesnake or just a raccoon snooping around. Either way, the furry friends can make your camping experience on the relish.

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