TOAKS Vs Snow Peak

Toaks Vs Snow Peak- Which Of The Two Is Best?

Backpacking is all fun and games until you become super hungry and you need to re-energize. TOAKS is a Titanium Outdoor Camping Pan backpacking set while the snow peak is a Trek 900 Titanium cook set. The importance of a cookware set is best known by the backpacker. At the end of a hike, you want to sit down and enjoy a nice meal. If you want prefer cooking which translates to a fresh and hot meal, then having a cookware set is of the utmost importance. The question is Toaks vs Snow Peak.

No backpacker out there would want to have a cold meal in the evening after such a tiring trek. As much as this is important, you have to consider the cookware set you need. Remember you are the same person to carry it in your backpack and so many other things.

In this article, we are going to compare the TOAKS set with the snow peak one to help determine the best one. These two ( toaks vs snow peak) are competent brands and their durability and design is amazing.

Choosing the best backpacking cookware

Before we dive in to the difference between these two brands – toaks vs snow peak, let’s take a look at the things to consider when choosing the best backpacking cookware.


Honestly, no camping cookware is complete without a grabber. If there is one, you must be ready to bring along tongs for grabbing the cookware when it’s hot. A grabber is an important tool that is used for picking the pot. The best handles have a tight grip to avoid injuring yourself with hot food if it falls. It also might have been your last meal and the pot falls.


As amazing as some cookware sets can be, some can be heavier than others making them inadequate for backpacking. No one watches the weight of what they carry like backpackers. Remember you are the one to carry the cookware set in your backpack and if its heavy, it is up to you to stand the weight all along the hike. If you don’t want to be super exhausted after the hike, avoid heavy cookware.

Titanium products are the best and lightest of cookware materials. A non-stick aluminum cookware is advised if you intend to do some frying and cooking of sticky food.


The material that makes the cookware determines the weight and durability of the cookware set. Backpacking cookware is available in titanium, aluminum, stainless steel and hard-anodized aluminum. It is up to you to choose the material you want as all of them are different and have different benefits.

Aluminum for example is lightweight and an excellent heat conductor. On the other hand, stainless steel is durable and scratch free while titanium is light and tough increasing the durability.

Cooking quantity

This might sound like a non-issue to some people but backpackers know it’s not. Before you choose the cookware set you like, consider the number of people you are going to cook for during the camping period. If you prefer hiking solo, consider a medium sized cookware and if you camp as a group, the size increases with the number of people.

A small pot might be enough for one person but more and larger utensils are needed to cook for a group of people.

Easy to clean

Washing the utensils is an extremely boring and tiresome task. However, if you go camping, there is no way you are skipping it. to avoid a lot of stress, go for easy to clean cookware. First you don’t have surplus amounts of water unless you are near a river and you don’t have the time to do some stubborn dishes.

This also depends on the material. For example, stainless steel cookware gets food stuck on the surface easily while the aluminum set has a non-stick coating that doesn’t let food stick on it leaving you to wash the set effortlessly.

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TOAKS vs Snow Peak

This is the important part of this article.


The TOAKS hiking cooking set has a picnic bowl, a pan and a pot. The set is made using titanium which is durable and corrosion resistant. One advantage of the set is it doesn’t leave a metallic taste or odor on the food. The design of the set is excellent for limited space which is rampant in backpacking.

The pan serves as a lid as well as a casserole. The long handle makes the set convenient and decrease the danger of spilling and burning accidents. The handle also folds making it suitable for compressed packing.

This set is a bit expensive as compared to the show peak but it’s worth it. it is excellent for backpackers who love going to the extremes.

Snow Peak set

This cookware set is made of titanium material and comes with a lid and a folding handle pot. The pot has a measurement reference and it serves as a three in one. It can serve as a mug, a bowl or pot. The downside of the cookware set is the handle which can get hot when exposed to the fore for long.

The set is ultra-light making it perfect for outdoor adventures as you can pack it conveniently together in your rucksack.

This cookware set is made of titanium and is corrosion resistant, superlight and it doesn’t leave a taste or odor on the food no matter how long it is exposed to fire. The titanium material makes it a bit expensive but it’s worth the investment.

It can with stand coal, fire or a stove making it super durable. Its pot can fit with so many stoves making it convenient. It also cleans easy.

This is not a verdict for toaks vs snow peak but, the TOAK has much more benefits. Its light and made of a robust material and has a number of utensils. The handle is coated and can fold as compared to the snow peak. You can fold it and it doesn’t get hot making it convenient for outdoor cooking.

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If you are looking for Top Camp Kitchen Essentials Guide, check our previous review below.

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