Best tent cot review

Top 10 Best Tent Cot For Comfortable Camping

Camping without the necessary gear is frustrating and incredibly uncomfortable. That is why you need to make a list of all the things you’ll need during your trip and at the campsite. One of the items you should never lack is a tent cot. It allows you to have quality sleep at night. Hence, you can wake up when you’re fresh and ready to engage in your planned activities. Having the best tent cot will help you enjoy your time in the campsite.

The cots come in different sizes, styles as well as materials. Cautious is crucial when you are out there looking for the perfect one to get. In this review, we have compiled ten of the best tent cots that are available for backpackers. We have also provided a buying guide that can help you find the best tent cot.

Best tent cot buying guide:

How to buy the best tent cot

Here are several things that you can consider when purchasing the best tent cot.


Tent cots are made from different materials that include cotton which is warm. Others make use of nylon material that is light but cannot provide a lot of warmth. Hence, you will need to pack warm covering to use during cold nights.


You should also consider the frame of the tent cot you want. It ought to be sturdy and durable. Cots that come with heavy-duty steel frames can offer a lot of support. You can also have aluminum alloy frames that are designed for campers and hikers. They do not come with much weight, and therefore, they are easy to carry.

Size and weight

Various tent cots have different sizes, and they can support a particular weight range. You should consider the cot’s dimensions to make sure that it can accommodate your entire body. It should also be perfect for individuals with your weight unless you want to destroy it on your first camping night.

How do you set it up?

Easy assembly is one of the things that you ought to consider when buying a tent cot. It allows you to spend only a few minutes doing it. You are also able to do it properly. If you don’t know how to set it up it, it is best if you learn how to do it before you start camping.  The cot should be comfortable and stable.


How much do you wish to spend on the cot? It will ultimately determine what you take home.  The price of different tent cots differs; depending on their quality, brand and any extra features they might have. Therefore, when looking for the best tent cot, check he pricing first.

Best tent cot review

  1. Coleman 2000020273 80 x 32-Inches Pack-Away Cot

This Coleman Pack-Away Cot is ideal for backpackers.  It is made from a sturdy polyester material that is durable. It has a strong steel frame that can support a weight of up to 300 pounds and it is also designed to withstand rough outdoor environments. It can accommodate campers with a height of 6ft, 6 inches or less.

The tent cot comes with a removable steel table. It has a cup holder for your cups and has ample room where you can keep some of your items, like magazines. We also love the fact that it is extra wide and long for maximum comfort.

The cot comes with a foldable and portable design. With the carrying bag that it comes with, you can transport it with ease.


  • It is durable and strong
  • It is conveniently wide
  • It is designed for comfort
  • It comes with a carrying bag
  • The tent cot is portable


  • It comes with 23 pounds which might be a bit heavy for some people



  1. Byer of Maine Easy Cot

This camping cot is designed to ensure that campers are comfortable while they hike.  It is wide hence suitable for full-sized adults.  The legs are made from welded steel material that makes it incredibly strong.  It can hold a weight load of 330lbs. With its 600 denier polyester fabric, that is reinforced, it is impossible to doubt its durability.

The cot’s height is ideal. It enables you to stay off the ground and use the space underneath for storage if you want to.  Setting it up is amazingly easy; you only require a few minutes to do it. You never have to worry about transporting it since it comes with a carry bag that has a shoulder strap.


  • It is strong and durable
  • It designed for use by both adults and kids
  • Assembling it is effortless


  • The frame’s joints are hard to replace in the case of damage



  1. Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot

This best tent cot is made from long-lasting 420-denier nylon material.  It comes with a rain fly that makes it appropriate for use during the wet season.   It has a strong aluminum frame that keeps you off the ground and guarantees your comfort.  It is held together using anti-vibration bolts and nuts that are tight and rust-resistant. With its oversize size, campers of various sizes can use it.

We love this cot’s versatility. You can use it as your chair or lounge. The setup is not complicated hence you will have the easiest time doing it.  It has a carry bag that you can use to transport it when moving to another campsite or going home.


  • It has a durable material
  • It is multi-purpose
  • It is comfortable
  • Carriage is easy
  • Can be used by many people; of different sizes


  • It does not ship to a lot of countries outside the USA



  1. Teton Sports Camp Cot

This tent cot is suitable for campers with up to 400 lbs.  It has a reinforced steel X-leg assembly that makes it super strong and stable. It is longer than most twin mattresses and therefore, many backpackers can use it regardless of their sizes.

One of the great features that this tent cot has is high portability. It folds up quickly, and you can use the carry bag it comes with to carry it. Its setup is also hassle-less. You can even hook it to another cot if you wish to share your sleeping space with your tentmate.


  • It is of the most stable cots available
  • It is easy to transport
  • Campers of different sizes can use it
  • It can hold a great weight capacity
  • It is effortless to assemble


  • It is not fireproof



  1. Tent Cot Double Kwik-Cot FC321

With a weight capacity of 550 lbs., this is one of the best tent cots for you. It is designed for many users that include campers and hikers. It is made from a sturdy and quality material that can last a long time.  The tent cot is unique.

It gets you off the ground so that you can sleep comfortably without the distraction of bugs. You are also able to be warmer. It is compact, and you can carry it comfortably whenever you are moving to another campsite.  You will also love the ease at which you can assemble it.


  • The cot comes with high quality
  • It has a unique design
  • It is easy to transport
  • Setting it up is effortless
  • It is comfortable


  • It’s a bit heavy; with 35.3 pounds


  1. Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot

The Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot is a portable cot that comes with an air mattress and is suitable for campers. It has ComfortStrong coil construction that provides you with the support and comfort that you require while you sleep. It can hold as much weight as 600 pounds and accommodate backpackers with a height of up to 6ft, 2 inches.

The cot guarantees elevated sleeping support. With it, you don’t have to sleep on the ground where it is cold. Again, insects and bugs will not distract you while you sleep. With its AirTight system, the mattress cannot leak.

This cot is versatile; hence you can use it both inside and outside the tent.  You will love its portability as well as the fact that it comes with a 4D battery-operated pump.


  • It has a durable construction
  • The air mattress enhances your comfort
  • You can also use it outside your tent



  • You have to keep inflating the air mattress since it loses air with continual use



  1. KingCamp Ultralight Compact Folding Camping Tent Cot

This tent cot is convenient for those who value quality. It comes with 420D polyester fabric that is extremely durable. Another feature we like about it is the aerial aluminum  alloy rods that are built to last. They provide you with the support and stability you require to sleep comfortably.  It has a weight capacity of up to 265 lbs.

With only 4.4 lbs., this tent cot is lightweight and portable. It comes with a storage bag that you can always use to carry it whenever you are on the move.

It has a simple four-stents design that makes it easy to use, assemble and disassemble.  It comes with two elastic straps that prevent your mat from slipping no matter how many times you turn in your sleep.


  • It is of high quality
  • The aluminum rods provide adequate support
  • It is very light
  • It is easy to set up



  • It is not ideal for large sized-campers



  1. Magshion Portable Military Fold Up Camping Bed Cot

This cot is suitable to use in a camping tent. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. and kids, as well as adults, can use it. It comes with steel and oxford cloth material. You can use it for a long time as long as you properly maintain it.

With only eight lbs., you can carry this cot with you everywhere you go. Its portability makes it ideal for campers and hikers.  It comes with a free bag that can use for transporting it. Its ease to assemble is also convenient. It will only take you seconds, and you can go ahead and sleep comfortably.


  • It is suitable for everyone
  • It comes with a bag that makes carrying it comfortable
  • It is ultra-light
  • It is easy to set up


  • It is not available for sale in many countries



  1. Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot

This Teton Camping Cot combines quality and style to deliver unmatched support and stability while you sleep inside your tent. It can comfortably hold a weight of up to 600 lbs. hence various people can use it. The steel S-leg design makes it super strong, and with the frame pulling into place to create a tight surface, there is no better place you’d rather spend your night.

It comes with innovative rubber brushings that absorb shock to enhance your comfort. The aluminum frame is strong and lightweight.  It is also foldable, and this allows you to carry it with ease. It comes with a durable canvas bag for transportation.


  • It is designed for comfort
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It is easy to transport



  • Using it without any padding is uncomfortable



  1. Texsport King Kot Giant Camp Cot

If you are looking for high-quality camping cots, you should definitely give this Texsport King Kot Cot a chance.  Its weight capacity is 350 lbs. hence differently-sized campers can use it. Its durable silver/white aluminum frame (oxygenated) is adorable. It provides support to enhance your comfort as you rest.

We also love its Rugged 600 denier nylon cover that is water resistant. It adds to its durability plus you never have to worry about sleeping on a wet surface.

The tent cot comes with a nylon carry bag. You can also use it for storage.


  • It has a water-resistant cover
  • The storage bag allows for easy carriage
  • It is suitable for kids and adults


  • It is not available in many states outside the US




Summarizing the best tent cot review

The cot you get can ruin or make your entire camping adventure. Hence, it is crucial that you choose one that is quality, comfy as well as durable. It will create some space between you and the ground, and it allows you to retain some heat.  It also keeps you away from annoying and dangerous bugs.  Ensure that it is your perfect fit; regarding size and weight. The  best tent cot should also be portable.

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