What To Wear On A Hiking Date
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What To Wear On A Hiking Date

For most of the hiking enthusiasts, dating tends to become a bit hard but not impossible. It’s hard to find someone who is attracted to you and loves hiking just like you, but if it happens, it’s the best thing ever. Most people view hikers as outdoor people who can’t stand being confined in the house for a whole weekend without thinking of taking their camping gear out. This is however not the case. Hikers are fun people who love the adventure outdoors, and they also love exploring nature. But, do you have any idea on what to wear on a hiking date?

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If you are a passionate hiker, it’s a good idea to show your partner what you love right away and see if they will fit into your lifestyle. The best way to do this planning for a hiking date. It’s tricky but it’s worth all the time and stress. It’s also fun and inexpensive as compared to the candlelit dinner or dinner at your local Italian joint. These are also fun places to go for a date, but as a hiker, a hiking date is a perfect fit. It gives you the chance to enjoy nature and have a lot of alone time during the trip.

To nail the hiking date, you first have to do a lot of planning ahead. One of the most important things you have to think of and plan is what to wear on a hiking date. This is not a typical date or a picnic though it might seem like so. Make sure you brace yourself and dress adequately for the date.

The reason for planning ahead for the hike date is so that you can be well prepared to avoid mishaps and embarrassment during the date. You have to see the date site before the day. This will help you plan on what time to get from home to the place and how the site looks like.

What To Wear On A Hiking Date

Rainy season

what to wear on a hiking date rainy seasonIt isn’t wise to go for a hiking date when it’s raining for apparent reasons. The rain might mess up your date, and you end up not enjoying at all. However, if you decide to brace the storm, make sure you are warm enough and ready to take it on. Remember this is a date and you need to be comfortable in whatever you wear no matter the season.

For her

Let’s start with the ladies. For the ladies, it’s good to know that this isn’t a fashion show. It’s also not the usual dates you go to at your local diner. This is a special date and wearing to impress sometimes rubs off in the wrong way. It’s obvious that you can’t wear a dress for this specific date and heels are a big NO. It doesn’t matter what fashion interests you and what you hate wearing, but you can’t show up for a hiking date with anything that looks like a skirt, dress or heels.

Wear flat sports shoes that are fitting such that you are comfortable even after walking for a while. The hiking date might not involve a lot of walking, but sports shoes are perfect for hiking. If your date had previously commented that you are probably going to encounter some terrain, it’s advisable that you wear tougher boots. Ask as much as you can about where you are going hiking so you can be prepared.

Next, make sure you wear leggings or shorts, something you are comfortable with when walking. To spice up the date, you can wear leggings that hug your curves. As a lady, makeup isn’t for a hiking date so make sure you are as natural as you can be.

For him

Most times, it’s the idea of a guy to go on a hiking date instead of the usual hotel dates. This means you should be ready to make it adventurous and fun for the lady as much as you can. This also applies to what you wear.

Don’t get out of the house with your regular faded t-shirt and ragged jeans and claim you are going on a hiking date. Wear sports shoes and don’t even think about jeans. Wear a tracksuit or shorts to make sure you are comfortable when walking.

What else to carry on a hiking date

what to carry on a hiking date

After looking at what to wear on a hiking date, Here are a few things you should also carry in case of anything:

Waterproof jacket

This is important in case you go for an adventure and a storm decides to ruin your fun. Both of you should carry this even if it’s sunny.


This is as much as fashion can go on a hiking date and it mostly applies to the ladies. Make sure you have a pair of sunglasses polarized for the rain and UV protected for the sun.

Sports bra

For the ladies, the standard bras will not make it easier for you to walk let alone enjoy your time. The sports bra is more comfortable and flexible when walking.

Shady sunhats

This is most recommended if you are going for the hiking date on a sunny day. It also applies if you are going to a place where there is not a lot of covers. The sun might piss you off, and in some areas, you might come from the hike with sunburns.

Carry an extra set of clothes

This can prove to be quite useful if you fall into a river or a surprise storm sneaks up on you and interrupts your adventure.

Moisture-wicking clothing

A hiking date is just as romantic as other dates, and this is one reason why you should not be smelling sweat all the way. How will you cuddle or even hug when you are smelling of fresh sweat and to make matters worse it’s sunny. Sweat is one reason why you shouldn’t take the hiking date so far from home. It should be a place easily accessible on foot or with a car to make things easier. This way, you will not be all sweaty when you get to the peak of the hiking date.


The hiking date is supposed to be fun as you get as much time for yourself as possible. If it isn’t fun, then you are to blame but not what you are wearing. You have been advised on what to wear on a hiking date.

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