Which Exercise Helps Prepare For Uphill Hiking

Which Exercise Helps Prepare For Uphill Hiking?

“Which exercise helps prepare for uphill hiking ?” You need to ask yourself this question when you are planning to go hiking. It is a question that should be in your workout backpack. Hiking in itself is a great workout session, but you need a few prior exercises that help with your muscles, help you stretch and get you ready for that tough challenge ahead.

Why are uphill hiking exercises essential?

Uphill hiking is always a spectacular, physical challenge that can threaten even an outdoor enthusiast. Stamina and stronger legs are a must for an uphill trail. Exercises programs and pre-hiking exercises are essential because:

  • They condition your body to help you survive the hiking to the end
  • Allow you to experience enjoyment to the maximum
  • They make you more flexible, meaning you won’t drag your hiking group down
  • Reduces the chance of injuries and accidents
  • Elevate endurance
  • Improves your hiking stamina

Once you get prepared for your hiking, you will be able to grab every hiking chance that comes your way and have fulfilling’s hiking escapades. Let’s focus on some exercise ideas that will not only improve your body, but also elevate your endurance. These sets of exercises will help with your preparation.

Which Exercise Helps Prepare For Uphill Hiking?

Calf stretches

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When answering the question of which exercise helps prepare for uphill hiking, calf stretched comes first. Although uphill hiking requires a stronger central nervous system and stronger core and upper legs, stretching your calve might make a difference. Your foot movement, especially the toes are active when climbing. To properly use your toes to walk uphill, you need to stretch and exercise your calves.

Your calf muscles are at the back of your lower legs. Not all hikers experience calf tightness, but some do. To prevent any tightness on the uphill trail, here are some calf exercises you need to do.

Calf stretch method 1: Seated calf stretches using a band

  • Bands are good for calf stretches. For this exercise, you need to:
  • Sit on the floor and extend both your legs
  • Loop a band/rope around your foot and hold both sides of the band
  • Using the band/rope, gently pull your toes towards the shin of your foot
  • Repeat this with the other foots
Calf stretch method 2: lunging calf stretch
  • Stand a foot away from the wall
  • Place both your hands on the wall and step your right foot back.
  • Bend your left foot which is in front, keeping your back right leg straight
  • Lean in and press the heel down on the flat surface, and you will feel your calf stretching.
  • Repeat the exercise with the left foot behind and right foot in front.

Calf stretch method 3: Standing bent-over calf exercise

  • Stand and place one foot in front, keep it straight and bend the other knee.
  • Gently pull up the toe of the front foot, and you will feel the calf stretch.
  • Repeat the same with the other side.

Back and abs stretch

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It’s essential you stretch both your back and tummy muscles before hitting that trail. Just as straining the calf, straining your calf during an uphill hike is not unusual. To prevent any strains on your back, try these back, oblique and abs stretch.

Cobra Pose

Cobra stretches in an intense stretch that helps with your abs and back muscles. Place your palms on the floor, press them and lift your upper body. You will be able to feel your back and abs stretch.

Child’s pose against a wall

This exercise is a great one for your lower back. Place both the hand on the wall, while in a kneeling position a foot away from the wall. Push and lower your back as if you are bending to the ground and you will feel the lower back stretching.

One-armed camel

The one-armed camel allows you to focus on your belly muscles, chest and shoulder.

Glutes stretch

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Stretching your glutes before an uphill hiking trip prepares you for the ha rd hiking task ahead. There are different ways you can do this back the simplest one is lying flat on the ground with your back. Grab your right leg and bend it close to the heart. Do the same with the other leg to stretch your glutes. You can do a sequence of these exercises with either one leg or both legs together.


squatsSquats are strength training for that makes your legs and core stronger. Start by standing straight with your legs slightly apart. Bend your knees and hold that position for a few seconds. Move back to a standing position and start again. Squats will prepare you for uphill hiking while carrying your backpack.

Cardio exercises

cardio exercises
The last pre-uphill exercise you need to do is cardio. These exercises included jogging, running, and biking. For those who love swimming, its part of the cardio. Before heading out for your uphill hiking, some cardio can benefit your body. They will elevate your endurance and improve your stamina.


Other strength training or exercises include:

On the question of which exercise helps prepare for uphill hiking, we have two other strength training.

Step up

Do this by climbing the stairs of your home up and down as many times as possible. Or you can use a stand and step up on it as if you are climbing stairs.

Leg raising

Lie with your back on a flat surface, raise both or one of your legs and hold it for some seconds, approximately 20 seconds. Repeat with the other leg.


Going for uphill hiking is a challenging thing to do, but not challenging when you are prepared and ready. With all the unkempt trail, which most of the times are full of bushes, you need to improve your stamina and strength. Performing the pre-uphill exercises above will help get your body and muscles ready for that hike. You don’t need a gym for these exercises; the wall and mats in your home offer better places for your daily routine.

It is also advisable not to overdo these exercises to avoid injuries or straining your muscles. Although you can do a combination of two or more exercises at a time, establish a comfortable routine that will help build your stamina and stretch your muscles. In case you’ve been wondering which exercise helps prepare for uphill hiking, you have your answer.

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